Adelsheim Artist Series Willamette Rose Oregon 2021

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About The Artist
Catherine Freshley is a landscape painter from Portland, Oregon. She loves to make colorful art that makes people happy. Freshley's paintings capture what a place feels like, but she wants viewers to layer on their own memories and meanings. Her work can be found in healthcare and hospitality settings, and in the homes of collectors nationally.

Wine Tasting Notes
The first wine release from a new vintage is always exciting, but particularly so when it's as lovely as this Rose. Absolutely saturated with fresh peach, rose petal, and lavender this Adelsheim Artist Series Willamette Rose is an invitation to cancel your afternoon plans. Unless your afternoon plans were spending the day on a blanket in the park with Rosé, cheese, and some friends, in which case congratulate yourself on winning.

100% Pinot Noir
United States