12 Bottle Case 55 Cartas California Sangria NV w/ Shipping Included

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Inspiration for the brand is drawn from "La Loteria," a traditional game played throughout Mexico since colonial times. Similar in concept to BINGO, it is played using 54 varied characters and symbols of Mexican culture (skull, devil, musician, etc.). Since the original creation of the game, many interpretations of La Loteria characters have been created, allowing great flexibility in terms of characters and look/feel. 55 CARTAS is a modern reinvention of the cherished La Loteria game played with 54 cartas. Our brand is the new 55th card, an invitation to Millenial consumers to celebrate their Mexican heritage in a bold way.

Wine Tasting Notes
A sassy ruby red Sangria with sweet aromas of pineapple, peach, and orange peel. Lively flavors of pomegranate and citrus create a refreshing, fruit-forward, well balanced wine.
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