Amass Riverine Non-Alcoholic Spirit 750ml

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Riverine is a refined non-alcoholic spirit that encapsulates the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest's temperate rainforest. Distilled with a regional blend of botanicals, it takes its cues from culinary practice for a distinct finish. Coniferous notes from juniper are brightened by sumac, sorrel, lemon peel, and apple, while thyme, mint, and parsley lend a rich herbal earthiness. Each botanical is individually distilled in a proprietary hydrosteam distillation process to extract essential oils for a crisp and evergreen flavor profile reminiscent of the towering firs and coastal mountains of British Columbia.
  • Color: ark Amber reddish.
  • Aroma: Bright sumac fades to cool mint.
  • Taste: Citrus, sorrel, and coriander lend a vibrant piquancy to start, layered with moss and earth.
  • Finish: Deep forest notes from juniper and parsley linger on the rear palate, as rosemary imparts a long herbal finish.