Barrell Vantage Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Barrell Vantage Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a blend of straight bourbons finished in three distinct expressions of virgin oak: Mizunara, French, and toasted American oak casks. The result is a warm, elegant bourbon that highlights the many dimensions of oak.
  • Appearance: Burnt sienna.
  • Nose: Creme brulee, coconut oil, and chocolate pudding invoke the creamy richness of toasted American oak. Tarragon, nutmeg, and warm cola are among the dry, extractive spices highlighting the French oak. Mizunara's incense and grilled pineapple notes, meanwhile, take the profile in a totally different direction.
  • Palate: Sweet and oily with a pronounced espresso note. It's pleasantly rich on the tongue, which obscures much of the tannin – surprising given how much wood is present. The French oak's robust spice notes inflect a maple syrup sweetness.
  • Finish: Green grapes and red plums burst above the barrel notes for the first time. It's spicy, too, with za'atar, crystallized ginger and Szechuan peppercorns.
114.44 Proof