Carol Shelton Monga Zin Cucamonga Old Vine Zinfandel Organic 2021

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United States
Wine Tasting Notes
The Carol Shelton Monga Zin Cucamonga Old Vine Zinfandel offers a rich and complex flavor profile. It showcases deep black cherry fruit, dried cranberry, and a hint of orange zest. The wine also exhibits notes of a berry patch basking in the sun. The oak influence is evident with dusty vanilla-caramel undertones, complemented by hints of graham crackers and cocoa. The aromatic spices, reminiscent of Moroccan and Asian cuisine, create a delightful Chinese 5-spice melange. On the palate, the wine is both creamy and tangy, with a vibrant cherry flavor and well-structured tannins. The finish is long and lush, leaving a lasting impression. This Zinfandel is incredibly concentrated and can be enjoyed now, but it also has the potential to age gracefully for 15-20 years. Overall, it offers a truly mouthfilling experience.

CCOF Certified Organically Grown

95% Zinfandel, 3% Touriga Nacional, 2% Rose of Peru

Alcohol 14.6%
United States