Clase Azul Anejo Dia De Muertos Tequila 2021 1L

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THIS ITEM CANNOT BE DISCOUNTED.Clase Azul's Master Distiller, Vindiana Tinoco, created this unique anejo tequila, our first Single Estate Agave Tequila, made from agaves with a great concentration of flavor exclusively sourced from "El Cerro del Viboreo" - a small mountain in Los Altos de Jalisco. This extraordinary tequila was created by blending an anejo tequila aged for more than 14 months in casks previously used for American whiskey with tequilas aged in First-use American oak casks with light and medium charring.
  • COLOR: Amber
  • BODY: Full Body
  • AROMA: Candied orange peel, agave syrup, sweet pear, toasted oak, almond, white flower, light notes of dried rosemary, vanilla, creme caramel.
  • FLAVOR: Citrus (grapefruit skin), cloves, agave syrup, sweet pear, roasted coffee, roasted almond, orange blossom, sweet coconut, rosemary, anise, and a touch of chocolate.
  • Alcohol: 80 Proof