Condesa Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom Gin 750ml

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An unabashed attempt to bottle sunshine, Condesa Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom Gin draws its inspiration from golden hours in Mexico City - gathering with friends to soak up the last rays of waning sun as the endless possibilities of evening approach. Distilled using copper pot stills, six botanicals including juniper, xoconostle (magenta prickly pear), orange blossom, raspberry, coriander, and lime zest are incorporated into a Mexican-sourced neutral grain base of corn, rye, wheat, and barley. All botanicals are also sourced in Mexico, primarily by women growers. Vibrant prickly pear, floral orange blossom, and a pop of raspberry acidity combine to deliver a refreshing and summery spirit.

86 Proof

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