d'Arenberg The Hermit Crab Viognier Marsanne 2021 (Australia)

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Wine Tasting Notes
A very pale watery appearance with tints of green and yellow suggesting a fresh young wine with little influence of oak. The aromatics are tight and controlled but show an array of fresh fruit notes from runner beans and green tropical fruits to mango pip/ melon rind. As the wine opens up further a mixture of apple and citrus tones appears with notes of nectarine stone. The palate is tighter than previous years; generous but still the focus is on ripe fruits, fresh and juicy, with tightness and control. flavors range from quince, ginger and passionfruit notes with tropical flavors then a mix of almond notes with lemon, kaffir lime and nectarines. The mid palate shows good intensity and softness with a hint of lees character to add a little more complexity. The finish is quite broad and quite balanced considering the Viognier is quite dominate this year but the Marsanne comes through with a nutty mineral, olive stone, dried herb influence that cuts the Viognier back. Chill it down and enjoy.


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