El Tesoro 85th Anniversary Extra Anejo Tequila 750ml

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El Tesoro is an ultra-premium tequila made in celebration of our most precious asset: our blue weber agave. In 2022, our storied distillery celebrates 85 years spent producing award-winning, agave-forward tequila. A family of tequila crafted using the same time-honored traditions that we used in 1937, the year Don Felipe Camarena founded La Altena Distillery. Like most great partnerships, El Tesoro 85th Anniversary Extra Anejo Tequila limited release started off as a friendship. Master Distiller Carlos Camarena has known the Noes - Jim Beam Master Distillers Booker and Fred - for the better part of thirty years. He knows the family shares his passion for making spirits the traditional way. The hard way. As they see it, the right way. For this special batch, we brought a collection of oak barrels that previously held the legendary Booker's 30th Anniversary Bourbon from Kentucky to La Altena. Having aged Booker's for up to 16 years, the casks remained rich with the vanilla flavor loved by Fred Noe. These exceptional barrels held safe this extra anejo tequila for at least36 months, each tapped only when it was at the peak of its maturity.
  • Nose - Cooked agave, cherries, seasoned oak, leather, spices, molasses, vanilla, toffee and a touch of maple syrup.
  • Palate - Sweet, liquorish, cooked agave, black berries, oak, almonds, banana, tobacco, spices, coffee, caramel and pepper.
  • Finish - Sweet, long & creamy, with a touch of spices.
  • 85 Proof