Filmland Ryes of the Robots Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml

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In the aftermath of the Automation Wars of 3050, the world has rejected technology and embraced a simpler time where cocktail clubs are the new state houses and bartenders hold sway. When a fallen technology titan builds an army of robotic bartenders to conquer the world, the only hope is Courtney Winters, the Cocktail Consortium's number one bartender. Can she fend off this despotic army of mechanized mixologists or will this be the world's unhappiest hour!?

Filmland Spirits brings people together through captivating stories and great-tasting spirits by offering a range of luxury and award-winning whiskeys based on original B-movie scripts we write specifically for each expression. Our Art Deco custom bottles are inspired by the world of moviemaking and wrapped with an immersive, story-driven label that is a retro-style movie poster.

Filmland represents a truly unique innovation in the world of spirits attracting a new audience to the whiskey category; sci-fi and action-adventure fans, while captivating traditional whiskey drinkers with its stellar, award-winning liquid produced "on location" in Kentucky. Our bright, eye-catching, colorful labels and masterfully detailed bottles stand out from all other whiskeys on the shelf, driving first-time buyers to purchase. Filmland keeps fans coming back for more with unique content from our world of whiskies, stable of stories, and cast of characters. Welcome to Filmland Spirits, where we invite you to experience our...Filmland Ryes of the Robots Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey which is complex and spicy with cinnamon and cloves on the nose, mint and pepper on the tongue, and a long, chocolatey finish with hints of oak. Sourced from the finest whiskey throughout the U.S, then blended to perfection, finished, and bottled "on location" in Kentucky.

94 Proof