Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto Liqueur 750ml

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Peels from bergamots grown in Italy's Calabrian region and cedros from Sicily are infused in cold water to release their essential oils prior to being blended with Italian neutral grain spirit. This bergamot and cedro flavored spirit is blended with a separately made maceration of Roman chamomile from Lazio, lavender, gentian, yellow roses and melissa balm from Northern Italy. ITALICUS is lightly citrusy on the nose with hints of rose and lavender. On the palate, fresh tones of ripe citrus fruits are balanced with a light bitter and floral spice before giving way to a complex and long lasting finish. To enhance the delicate flavors of the botanicals, ITALICUS is best enjoyed 50/50 with Prosecco over ice and garnished with three green olives to balance the floral aromas with a touch of saltiness.

40 Proof