Kikusui Funaguchi Kunkou Black Sake 200ml

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Wine Tasting Notes
Funaguchi Kunkou Black contains single-distilled shochu made from Kikusui sake lees. Sake lee is known for its distinctive noble aroma and high umami content, and we succeeded in making authentic shochu by distilling them. This special sake lee shochu was added to give distinctive amazing aroma instead of regular distilled alcohol usually added to the Funaguchi Original Gold. As a result, Funaguchi Kunkou Black became so much more aromatic, sophisticated and simply amazing with long clean dry finish.Because of the delicate nature of un-pasteurized Sake this product is sold in a can to shield it from the light. Being un-pasteurized, this can sake can be aged in your own fridge as long as you like. After 1 year or so, the flavor will turn mellower, fuller developing velvety mouth feel. You'll enjoy a completely different experience than when you try it fresh.

Alcohol Contents 19%
  • 5
    favorite sake so far

    Posted by Carl on 23rd Jan 2015

    As noted, this is my favorite sake for a number of reasons. It is full bodied and stands up to almost all foods. It does pack a punch so beware as to its alcohol content. It is wonderful all alone. unlike most sakes, you can truly last the process of its brewing. It's initial sweetness quickly goes to a multi-fruit taste and then a lovely long finish. Excellent and enjoyable all year round. Serve nice an cold.

  • 4
    tasty and medium bodied

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jan 2015

    Pleasant and refreshing. Medium bodied. The Black can is fuller and more robust if you are eating food with more intense flavors. We like this one for suchi or a pleasant drink in the evening.

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