Liquore Strega Italian Liqueur 750ml

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Liquore Strega Italian Liqueur basic mixture is very intriguing since the natural ingredients used for it are so many. They originate from plants, and parts of plants, growing in the Mediterranean areas as well as in the Far East Countries and Central or South America.

Among all these different plant components, from so many countries, there are: herbs, rinds, barks, roots, pistils, fruits, seams, leaves, beans, etc. The yellow color of the liqueur (as well as the rays on the bottle which is reminiscent of the warm Italian sun) is due to a famous rich Mediterranean flower: the saffron.

The herbs and leaves are carefully selected and put in the best grain spirit for the infusion: later the mixture is distilled, drop by drop, in pot-stills, slowly following the most ancient principles handed down to us. From pot-stills, distilled spirits rich in flavor, but still raw in taste, are blended with special soft waters and sugars to reduce alcohol strengths to 40 G.L. Then the liqueur is aged in wooden (oak or ash-tree) vats for the time needed to impart its renowned mellowness and delicate final flavor.

80 Proof