Lost Irish Irish Whiskey 750ml

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Lost Irish Irish Whiskey is worldly, aged in casks from six continents because travel enhances our flavor and depth. We combine all three styles of Irish Whiskey for a better balance of flavor and complexity. Our casks, collected from six continents, reflect Ireland's true home: the world. Over 70 Million Irish are dispersed throughout the same continents we source our casks from. This global influence makes our Whiskey more interesting and richer.
  • Africa: South African Brandy Casks
  • Asia: Japanese Mizunara Oak
  • Europe: Sherry Casks
  • North America: U.S. Bourbon Casks
    Caribbean Rum Casks
  • Oceania: Australian Tawny Casks
  • South American: Colombian Rum Casks.
80 Proof