Masterson's 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml

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Masterson's 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey: A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Elegance

Indulge in the rich, complex flavors of Masterson's 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey, a premium spirit that exemplifies the art of rye whiskey making. Ideal for discerning whiskey enthusiasts, Masterson's offers a sophisticated and refined drinking experience that stands out in any collection.

Superior Craftsmanship and Quality

Masterson's 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey is crafted from 100% rye grain, sourced from the finest fields. The whiskey undergoes a meticulous distillation process in copper pot stills, followed by aging for a full decade in new, charred American oak barrels. This extended aging process allows the whiskey to develop deep, complex flavors and a smooth, velvety texture that is both luxurious and refined.

Exquisite Flavor Profile

The standout feature of Masterson's 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey is its exquisite flavor profile. With rich notes of caramel, vanilla, and baking spices, complemented by hints of dried fruit and oak, it offers a robust and well-balanced taste. The long, smooth finish leaves a lasting impression, making it perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in a premium cocktail.

Rich History of the Masterson's Distillery

Masterson's Rye Whiskey is produced by the 35 Maple Street Distillery, located in Sonoma County, California. The distillery is named after William "Bat" Masterson, a legendary figure from the American Old West known for his adventurous spirit and impeccable taste in whiskey. Masterson's is committed to honoring this legacy by crafting high-quality, artisanal rye whiskey.

The distillery combines traditional techniques with modern innovations to create a spirit of exceptional quality. Masterson's 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey reflects the distillery's dedication to excellence and craftsmanship, earning accolades and a loyal following among whiskey connoisseurs.

Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: Deep amber with golden highlights
  • Nose: Inviting aromas of caramel, vanilla, and baking spices, with a hint of dried fruit
  • Palate: Rich and robust, with flavors of caramel, vanilla, baking spices, and oak
  • Finish: Long, smooth, and well-balanced, with lingering notes of spice and sweetness

Perfect for Every Occasion

Masterson's 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner party, enjoying a casual evening with friends, or simply relaxing at home. Its versatile flavor profile and luxurious finish make it a favorite among both casual drinkers and professional mixologists, offering endless possibilities for creative cocktails.

Key Details

  • Age: 10 Years
  • Proof: 90 (45% ABV)
  • Packaging: Please note, this item is not shipped in the original packaging.

Experience the refined taste and exceptional quality of Masterson's 10 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey. With its rich history and commitment to excellence, Masterson's continues to set the standard for premium rye whiskey. Order your bottle today and savor the elegant and sophisticated taste that Masterson's Rye Whiskey offers in every sip.