Noilly Prat ORIGINAL Dry Vermouth 1L

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Noilly Prat ORIGINAL Dry is based on a secret 1813 recipe. Noilly Prat ORIGINAL Dry is beautifully crafted, by the Mediterranean Sea, using the finest white wines. A unique stage in the creation of Noilly Prat ORIGINAL Dry involves a selection of wines being aged outdoors in oak casks exposed to the natural elements. An aromatic blend of herbs and spices sourced from all over the world are used to gently infuse the wines and create the unique bouquet and wonderful taste of Noilly Prat.
  • APPEARANCE - Pale golden straw.
  • AROMA - Slightly oaked mistelles with herbal aromas balanced with floral notes and hints of chamomile.
  • TASTE - Dry white wines with a complex yet delicate bitter finish with a touch of spices.
  • Alcohol - 18%