Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur 750ml

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Pomp & Whimsy brings modern sensibilities to the tradition of gin making, by infusing classically distilled gin with a natural, delightfully flavorful botanical liqueur. The result is a highly refined, yet playfully sensorial spirit, that is both graceful by itself, and effortlessly dressed, up or down.

It's gin, reimagined.

The Taste: Fruit-floral-botanical. Light citrus and exotic fruits on the start, evolving into a dry, warm spice finish, with a familiar suggestion of citrusy juniper on the tail. Subtly sweet and eminently quaffable.

60 Proof
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    Sickeningly Sweet

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Aug 2020

    This is the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. It reminds me of fake banana flavor. Use VERY sparingly and it's all right.