Rough Rider The Big Stick Cask Strength Rye Whisky 750ml

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Following the harvest of Long Island's iconic potatoes, locally harvested Winter Rye is the cover-crop planted on surrounding farmlands to maintain the sustainable characteristics in the soils. Rye is a deep-rooted grain, the farmers refer to it as a cleansing grain, so it is a very terroir dependent. Surrounded by over 70 vineyards, Long Island Rye's tend to have a spicy sweetness to them. The Big Stick is bottled at 121 Proof Cask Strength and it is a remarkable Rye that reveals the true raw spirit of this locally planted Rye. This small-batch whisky incorporates the use of Champagne yeast, which allows for a 12-day low-slow fermentation that is 4-times longer than your typical rye. It's an impressive amount of esters and florals offer more flavor than heat.

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