J.W. Rutledge High Plains Blend of Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml

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J.W. Rutledge High Plains Blend of Straight Rye When first nosing J.W. Rutledge High Plains Blend of Straight Rye, the mellowness of the four-year-old whiskey is quite apparent. Light, spicy notes of allspice, nutmeg and white pepper are noticeable in this unique multi-state whiskey. Hints of cinnamon, brown sugar and butterscotch also present lhemselves. The whiskey changes slightly to persimmon fruit, light caramel and rye grain when a couple chips of ice are added. When sipped, persimmon is found mid-palate along with a hint of cayenne pepper. There are also notes of soft vanilla bean, yet the rye stays assertive. The relatively short finish. which is typical of younger whiskeys, is surprisingly very gentle with a nice dry quality. Enjoy a taste of this new rye whiskey straight-up or with a splash of cold water or ice. Rye whiskey lovers wtll be amazed.

100 Proof